University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Mrs. Marilyn. P. Gastineau

School of Computing and Informatics

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Room 161 Agnes Edwards Hall

                   (Conference Center)
Lafayette, Louisiana 70504-3694
Telephone: 337.482.2803



o    The University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

§  Master of Business Administration, 1986

§  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1977


o    Currently teaching INFX 205 and UNIV 200 courses

§  Course Content – Microsoft® 2016 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access

§  Taught Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Distance Learning sections

o    Undergraduate classes taught

§  Beginning Keyboarding –

-       Taught Face-to-Face and Distance Learning sections.

§  Microcomputer Applications in Business –

-       Course Content – Microsoft® Office Packages – 97, 2000, XP, 2002, 2003, 2007

-       Taught Face-to-Face and Distance Learning sections.

§  Freshman Orientation for Business majors


o    Microsoft® MOS Certification in

§  2010 Word Expert, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access

§  2003 Word Expert

§  2000 Word Expert & PowerPoint

o    UL Office of Distance Learning Certification

§  ULearn Certified Course Designer

§  ULearn Certified Online Teacher

o    State of Louisiana Teacher's Certificate: Type C #161331 – Business Education Subjects

Professional memberships and Positions Held

o    Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

§  Assembly of Delegates member December 2010 – Las Vegas, NV

o    Association of Career and Technical Education Region IV

o    National Business Education Association (NBEA)

§  Participated in NBEA/NABTE Teacher Education Summit Task Force –Member of Visibility Committee, November 2007 – 2013

o    Southern Business Education Association (SBEA)

o    Louisiana Association of Business Educators (LABE)

§  Life-time member

§  Positions Held: Chaplain, Past President, President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Journal Production Committee member, Publications Committee member

o    Louisiana Association for Career and Technical Education (LACTE)

§  Life-time member

§  Positions Held: Past President & Nominating Committee Chair, President, President Elect

o    Delta Sigma Pi – Business Fraternity (DSP)

§  Faculty Advisor, September 2009 – August 2012

Honors and Awards

o    LACTE “Teacher of the Year” – 2011

o    LABE “Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year” – 2011

o    2010 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

o    Represented “Education” at Governor Blanco’s Inauguration Mass – 2004