School of Computing and Informatics,

University of Louisiana at Lafayette,
Room 214 James R. Oliver Hall,
Lafayette, Louisiana 70504-3694,


  • Course Materials:
    • CMPS 430 Computer Architecture
      See class moodle site for course information and materials
    • CMPS 455 Operating Systems
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  • Some Selected Publications:
    • Ashok Kumar, Jim Etheredge, and Aaron Boudreaux (Eds.), Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design, book, ISBN 978-1-466-1634-9, Published by IGI Global Inc., USA, May 2012, (total 455 pages in the book)
    • D. Nagamalai, A. Kumar, and A. Annamalai (Eds.), Advances in Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Turkey, 2013, (total 325 pages in the volume)
    • Mitun Bhattacharyya, Ashok Kumar, and Magdy Bayoumi, "A Framework for Assessing Residual Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks," International Journal of Sensor Networks, InderScience Publishers, vol. 2, pages 256-272, 2007.
    • Ruth Aguilar-Ponce, Ashok Kumar, Jose-Luis Tecpanectl-Xihuitl, and Magdy Bayoumi, "A Network of Sensors Based Framework for Automated Visual Surveillance", Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, Elsevier, vol. 30, issue 3, 2007. -
    • Sumeer Goel, Ashok Kumar, and Magdy Bayoumi, "Design of Robust, Energy-Efficient Full Adders for Deep Submicron Design using Hybrid-CMOS Logic Style", IEEE Transactions on VLSI, Dec. 2006. -
  • Research Grants:
    • Louisiana Board of Regents, RCS Award, "Design and development of coordination and control mechanisms for sensor-enabled software systems", Ashok Kumar (PI), funded 2009-2014, $113,424.
    • Louisiana Board of Regents, Enhancement Grant, "Laboratory for research and curriculum development projects in video game design and development", Jim Etheredge and Ashok Kumar (co-PI), funded 2012-2013, $47,702.
    • Louisiana Board of Regents, Multidisciplinary Grant, "Development of Lean Manufacturing Course through Virtual Reality and Inquiry-Based Learning", Ashok Kumar (co-PI) along with Suren Dwivedi (PI) and other co-PIs, funded, 2009-2011, $139,957.
    • National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research: MCTech - STEM Careers in Shipbuilding and Marine Industry", Suren Dwivedi (PI) and Ashok Kumar (co-PI), funded, 2009-2013, Award number DUE-0903314, $72,588.
    • National Science Foundation, "CRI: MEMS Integration Infrastructure," Magdy Bayoumi, Ashok Kumar (Co-PI), Mohamed Elgamel (Co-PI), Mohammad Madani (Co-PI), Award number CNS-0551478, funded 2006-2011, $298,848.
    • National Science Foundation, "A Framework for Automated Scene Surveillance: Algorithms, Architecture, and Prototyping", Magdy Bayoumi, Ashok Kumar (co-PI), and Mohamed Elgamel, Award number OISE-0512403, funded 2005, $30,000.
  • Professional activities:
    • Senior Member, IEEE