I do... What I love to do...

I am a graduate PhD student in my first year at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am currently work as a research assistant at IoT research Lab, at The Center of Advanced Computer Studies, under supervision of Prof. Khalid Elgazzar My research interests related to cloud computing, video streaming analytics, and security and privacy of pervasive computing smart spaces. Before that, I had a M.Sc. degree from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. My M.Sc. was in Computer Networks, specifically in optimizing IPv6 protocol to be used in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN); I received the B.Sc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University in 2011. And I used to work as a Research Assistant (RA) in the Web of Objects international research project, whose aim is to investigate a framework to build a diverse set of applications for connecting smart objects in commercial buildings I was also working as teaching assistant in faculty of engineering, port said university, and Canadian international college.


my expertise

  • - C/C++ programming languages
  • - Java SE, and Java Android
  • - Matlab, Python, and Perl
  • - GitHub, Bitbucket and Gerrit
  • - Embedded systems and RTOS
  • - Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • - Internet of Things protocols
  • - WSN operating systems
  • - web developing
  • - web servers design
  • - Network Privacy and Security