PhD Candidate at University of Louisiana at Lafayette


About Me

I am Bhaskar Ghosh, a PhD Candidate at the Computer Science Department of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am working as a Research Assistant working under Dr. Khalid Elgazzar. I work mainly with Computer Vision. I am currently trying to use Machine Learning for Event Detection and Event Classification from live video feeds. I plan to use this work in a Smart City environment.

I am also researching on the use of Machine Learning on Edge Computing. I am also interested to use Machine Learning to build a Hardware Security Solution to the Internet of Things.

Before this, I have completed my MS in Computer Science at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I have worked on projects dealing with Energy Efficient solutions for Wearable Devices and Traffic Monitoring Systems. I plan to use my works in making the earth a better place!

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My Skills

C++ Good. I'm pretty good.
Java Good. I'm improving.
Javascript Good. Think I'm pretty good.
HTML Medium. I'm trying to improve!
Python Medium. Still at it.
C Medium.

Music Collection Application

A simple and sweet application developed using Ruby on Rails to keep a tab on your music collection. Add, Delete, Update or View your collection or just a single song. It's all possible. Short, but sweet!

Fast and Energy-Efficient Storage for Wearables and Mobile Devices

This project was a study to compare the time and power utilized by offloading computations versus doing the same locally. We got some interesting results!

Vehicle detection and counting system

Me and my team worked on video feed from the Girard Park Parking Lot in Lafayette, LA to classify vehicles into cars and trucks and count the upflow and downflow of traffic.

Power Management and Error Correction on Fault Tolerant NoC Routing

For this project, I suggest a method called SleepScaling to decrease power consumption on optimal routing decisions on Network on Chips.

Mesh Morphing

This spiffy project aimed at morphing a manifold mesh with a smiley face to a sad face using Simple Mesh Library.

Judges Scoring Application

I used Ruby on Rails to develop an application where judges can sign up, login and score teams on given paprameters in a competition.

Interpreter using the RUST language

For this project, I created an interpreter using RUST for the LET Language, PROC Language, LETREC Language, ExplicitRef and ImplicitRef Language.

The Creativity of the Project, the Thesis and the Dissertation

This project was an analytical look on how a project, a thesis and a dissertation are similar or different from the perspective of creativity.

Current Research

Working on implementing Machine Learning for Event Detection and Classification in a Smart City Environment.

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Real-Time Event Detection and Classification Under Research

I am currently working on trying to find a solution using Neural Networks to detect events in a video stream and then classify the event accordingly.

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Machine Learning Algorithms Reviewing Literature

I am trying to analyse the best algorithms that we could implement in video for the best performance.

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Machine Learning in Edge Computing Under Design

I am also working on trying to figure out a solution for using Machine Learning effectively to be deplyed in Edge Computing. My objective is to optimize an edge network.

"You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying."

Albert Einstein

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